School's mission

The School of Man’s and Woman’s Style is a project dedicated to people who want to create their image in their personal and professional lives consciously.
Our mission is to promote knowledge about fashion, style and business etiquette as well as communication and self-presentation techniques. We organise training in dress code and savoir-vivre for women and men. We conduct educational campaigns and lectures for companies and individuals. We offer individual image consulting for executives, managers and employees. Meeting with a personal image consultant allows participants to improve the soft skills key for business. We cooperate with NGOs and public institutions. Our coaches are speakers at prestigious events and are invited to media events as image experts. The aim of The School of Man’s and Woman’s Style is to show that image creation helps to achieve goals.

Agnieszka Świst-Kamińska – image consultant

The founder of the School of Man’s Style, Agnieszka Świst-Kamińska, image advisor, STYLE COACH and COOL HUNTER.

A graduate of London’s Central Saint Martins University of the Arts, The University of Social Sciences and Monica Jaruzelska’s School of Style and master of psychology.

She gives expert interviews for television and Polish Radio. She has been in the fashion industry for 18 years.

Consulting and fashion styling for men and women as well as dress code and business savoir-vivre are the foundation of her work. She shows how to properly create an image in order to achieve the intended goals.

Agnieszka Świst-Kamińska started her adventure as an image coach during her education in London, where she had the pleasure to learn from world-class professionals:

  • Lecturer Nicky Andrews – Fashion Styling for Beginners
  • Lecturer Julianne Lavery – Visual Merchandising Fashion
  • Lecturer Leigh Keily – Art Direction of Fashion
  • Lecturer Carol Morgan – Cool Hunting
  • Lecturer Bridget Miles – Broadcasting

She also has completed numerous courses on male and female fashion styling, such as the Style Lessons by Ania Męczyńska and the Glamour fashion styling workshops.

She was the first to notice the need for changes in the image of men in Poland. Thus, she founded and has been developing the School of Man’s Style, which offers both personal consulting and training for companies in the form of courses and corporate workshops. The next crucial step in her career as an image consultant was establishing the Woman’s Style School which focuses on the needs of women.

Representing the School of Man’s and Woman’s Style, Agnieszka Świst-Kamińska organises dedicated image training and co-operates with universities by giving classes for students. She offers occupational therapy for people with disabilities, showing how to develop self-confidence and authority despite limitations.

Her personality strengths such as a sense of taste and fashion trends, communicativeness, ease of meeting new people and ability to quickly mix with different social groups combined with perceptive observation and analysis of consumer needs, allow her to perfectly fulfill the tasks of a style coach and cool hunter she is entrusted with.

The synergy of both specialisations gives her the opportunity to optimise the use of knowledge, perform observations and select the best forms for co-operation. She finds her work as an image consultant very fulfilling.

Personal image consulting

She collaborated with the InStyle editorial board as a freelancer, and also co-created photo sessions with stars of the Polish show business.

Currently, she is working with people from the media industry and companies from many sectors including fashion (also from the premium and luxury segment), coaching, politics, healthcare, automotive manufacturing and retailing, transportation and education.

She consults clients on how to use fashion and apply what is best for themselves. She treats the clients for whom she creates a fashion style with an individual approach.

She introduces customers to the world of fashion brands and allows them to contact the best designers in the Polish fashion industry. She co-operates with entrepreneurs in Poland and abroad (particularly in London).

Corporate image

She gives training on business image creation with the presentation of the principles of effective communication and authority development. With her actions, she supports not only newly established brands but also those that have been operating on the market for several years and need to refresh their image. She also supports companies focused on optimisation of their operations in compliance with consumer expectations. The first cool hunter and style coach in Poland pays specific attention to consumer choices in areas such as fashion, vehicles, electronics, interior decoration, services, design, etc. As a professional trend hunter, she acts as an advisor, helping companies make the right decisions. As a cool hunter, she consults companies on launching new products in Poland. Together with an experienced team of marketing specialists, she creates and implements advertising campaigns that achieve clients’ business goals.