Start building your personal brand with professional photos

Learn how to choose an outfit for photos to achieve the desired effect. Learn posing techniques that will make you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Develop a consistent image strategy and build your authority.

A photo session with styling is an offer designed for individuals and business clients. We take individual and group photos for you, your family, a group of friends or employees. The implementation of each project is supervised by a team of professionals. We take care of every detail including framing, lighting, composition and a positive mood that helps to achieve excellent results.

We offer:

  1. branding photography;

  2. business photo sessions;

  3. wedding and engagement photo sessions;

  4. family photo sessions;

  5. photo sessions for women;

  6. portrait photography;

  7. photos for social media;

  8. photos for websites.

What does a session with a personal stylist look like?

We realize

We conduct comprehensive image photo sessions. We provide assistance at every stage, from preparation to completion of the project. This approach guarantees that the results of our work will meet the expectations of the client.

We provide

  1. photographers who regularly conduct professional portrait, wedding, family and business sessions;
  2. Style Coach’s image advice on the styling selection for a photo shoot and composition;
  3. application of professional photographic makeup;
  4. hairstyle selection and creation;
  5. photo studio or set up of the client’s office.

Why do a professional photo shoot?

  1. Photography is an essential tool for business communication. Photos that are consistent with the brand strategy strengthen the credibility of a company. We specialise in branding photography. We take photos for websites, corporate social media accounts, job application documents and portfolios.
  1. A photo is an essential element of visual identification. We take individual portrait photos of employees for the”About Us” or “Our Team” tabs. We also offer directed photo sessions in the client’s office. This type of photography allows the audience to better understand the organisational culture of the company and the specifics of working in certain positions. Group photos taken in a natural business environment create credibility.
  1. A family photo session is a lifelong keepsake (and also great entertainment that strengthens bonds). A professional photographer can capture real emotions and important moments.
    In turn, an individual meeting with a photographer and personal stylist is an opportunity to build a relationship with yourself. The skills of posing and presenting yourself in front of the camera boost self-confidence.
    An invitation to a lifestyle photo shoot is an idea for an original gift for a loved one.

Make an appointment for a branding photo shoot with a Style Coach. We accept orders all over Poland.