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DESA is the largest and oldest prestigious Auction House in Poland promoting classic and contemporary art works.

This Auction House specialises in exhibitions, presenting objects for museum collections, as well as the sale of cultural artefacts of historical, academic or artistic significance. In addition DESA has in its offer cooperation in the protection of smaller cultural artefacts.

The proof that they work at the highest premium quality level is the fact that DESA cooperates with many talented specialists from different areas of contemporary and classic art, as well as evaluators and museums. They promote both classical and contemporary art amongst collectors – both private and from museums. Based on their tradition, competence and experience they participate in the creation of artistic life in modern Krakow.

Mateusz Grzesiak is a personal development trainer and coach who teaches people to think with self awareness and how to solve professional and private problems. He has worked with many top stars of stage and screen, leading businessmen as well as tens of thousands of people from all over the world. He is the author of 6 books dealing with the psychology of success, change, professional relations as well as emotional intelligence and mindfulness. He also produces films and recordings in the area of personal development which are emitted on his own You tube channel. Mr.Grzesiak has been running international trainings for almost 10 years in 5 different languages, mainly in Europe(Germany, England, Ireland, Italy, Poland) and Latin America(Mexico, Brazil, Columbia). His activities are focussed on helping people to achieve their potential by giving them the most advanced tools from practical psychology, sales skills, personal branding, leadership, public speaking, communication and building a business strategy.

Ole Lynggaard is one of the leading Scandinavian manufacturers of jewelry. The company consists of a unique passion for design, craftsmanship and modern forms. Their products are designed for the conscious customer looking for jewelry in the Scandinavian style, handed down from generation to generation.

The ability to create an infinite number of combinations, convenience and consistency have always been key issues for developers by Ole Lynggaard. Women around the world for years appreciate this highly original and stylish, yet modern and extravagant jewelry.

David Gaboriaud – is French by origin and for several years has now been living in Poland. A born cook. Passionate for life and who loves good food, the secrets of which he learnt thanks to his parents with whom he conducted long conversations about the art of French cuisine. The organiser of many workshops and cooking events, a promoter of slow food, and the idea of celebrating meals and savouring food. A supporter of traditional regional products. His boundless energy and passion encourages others to cook. David is a well known media cook. He has his own program in Kuchnia Plus, a cooking segment on Breakfast TV for TVP 2 and is a frequent guest on Radio Kolor, Polish Radio and Chilli Zet.

Perfumeria Quality is a place where men can find a rich, carefully selected collection of exclusive perfumes and cosmetics. It introduces them to the magical world of scents, positioning them as part of a story of the famous scents of famous people, such as Winston Churchill. It’s a place for connoisseurs of elite products, those which are rarely available and are distinguished by the highest quality. Perfumeria Quality became a precursor of elite niche brands in Poland, only available in the most exclusive places in the world. This applies both to scents and cosmetic products. Thanks to the engagement of his whole family, Missala has bought to Poland more than 70 amazing brands. In 2011 Perfumeria Quality created its own first scent.

Rolls Royce was founded during a lunch in May 1904. Henry Royce, a well regarded engineer started his cooperation then with Charles Rolls – the owner of one of the first car showrooms. The rest is history. To buy a Rolls Royce is an unforgettable experience. These cars are equipped with visionary solutions in the area of engineering and advanced technology, using the best materials and are distinguished by being hand-made. They are synonymous with luxurious refinement, dynamism and quality. The first Rolls Royce model of the 21st century came about from a desire to build the best car in the world, The result is the Phantom. The series of 2, 3, 4 and 6 cylinder cars became a true breakthrough in engineering and handicraft. The model Silver Ghost from 1907 was characterised by a legendary smoothness of ride, and in history became known as the “best car in the world” able to go 14371 miles(23128 km) without a break. Owning a Rolls Royce, just like driving one, is pure pleasure.

Dr Nowak-Krogh is an Austrian expert in fashionable life, the author of the book” Gentleman. I have my principles”(Publisher BOSZ, 2011) written under the pseudonym of “Adam Granville”. In his previous professional life Dr Nowak-Krogh was amongst other things the head of IT in the Swiss company Sulzer, which means that he is also well versed in the ways procedures and interpersonal relations to be found in corporations and large institutions.

“Gentleman…” was the first book on the Polish market to so completely cover all aspects of being the perfect gentleman. This is the opinion of Dr Tomasz Orlowski, the one-time Polish ambassador to France and Monaco, and a past director of diplomatic protocol in the Polish Foreign Ministry. “ This is a compendium of knowledge which everyone who through their income and professional position are likely to have social contacts at a high level should have. Its main attribute is the way it shows the concept of elegance in a Polish context.”

The book “ Gentleman, I have my principles” is used as a training material for the diplomatic service.

Dr. Nowak-Krogh is also the author of many articles in modern lifestyle magazines(Sukces, MaleMEN). He is also a frequent guest on TV(e.g. TVN, CNCBC, “High life” hosted by Radoslaw Wroblewski, the program, “Top Class Premium” hosted by Olivier Janiak and has also taken part in many meetings/congresses on the topic of lifestyle(e.g. at Hotel Ossa, Congress & Spa – a meeting for the employees of Bank PKO BP, Porczynski Gallery, and the Czuly Barbarzynca club in Krakow, Stary Browar in Poznan, Traffic Club in Warsaw, VIP Club Bonarka in Krakow, Pen Show Katowice, Thinktank Workshops Society etc.

Piotr Kamecki – the Polish Champion Sommelier 1998, finalist at the European Sommelier Championship 1998, Reims, and at the World Championships 2000 in Montreal. President of the Polish Association of Sommeliers, for many years the Board President of Centrum Wina, co-owner and Board President of Wine Taste by Kamecki.

In Wine Taste, Piotr Kamecki offers a personalised wine concierge service. Services include access to wines and champagnes from the largest choice of readily available Bordeaux wines in Poland, creating and managing wine cellars, running special wine evenings, storing high quality wine in specialist storage facilities in Warsaw and London, and professional services for collectors and investors who wish to build an investment wine portfolio.